"We are dedicated to serving families as they grow together, live together and stay together."

June 7, 2021

Every June is celebrated as Reunification Month, a time to honor the resilience and value of families staying together, as well as the professionals with the compassion and
perseverance to keep families together.

We believe that all children and youth deserve the care, love, security and stability of a family. The primary goal of child welfare is to serve families together and, if that is not possible, to reunite families and help them thrive long-term.

Every parent needs help from time to time, so we must lift up and celebrate the parents who show vulnerability, courage and dedication as they overcome challenges and seek support to keep their families together.

To support parents as they work to reunify with their children, we must all work together to strengthen families by providing them the supports they need when they need them. Community partners – including mental health and substance abuse providers; attorneys, courts and judicial officers; caseworkers; advocates; foster parents and others – play a vital role in helping to reunify, strengthen and support families.

We know that our communities thrive when our families thrive. This month, and every month, we are dedicated to serving families as they grow together, live together and stay together because we are committed to the idea that families are better together.

- Minna Castillo Cohen, Director, Office of Children, Youth and Families, Colorado Department of Human Services

- Melissa Thompson, Executive Director, Colorado, Office of Respondent Parents' Counsel

Download a PDF of the 2021 Reunification Month joint statement

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