Filing a complaint with the CPO helps to ensure high quality services to Colorado children

January 28, 2021

The Office of Colorado’s Child Protection Ombudsman was created to ensure Colorado’s complex child welfare consistently provides high-quality services to every child, family and community in Colorado.

The CPO works on behalf of children, youth and families in Colorado and independently of all other state agencies, including the Colorado Department of Human Services, the Division of Youth Services, the court system and law enforcement. The goal of the CPO is to improve the services provided to and the experiences of youth and families impacted by the child protection system.

The CPO works with many people including parents and legal guardians to explain how child protection agencies work, mandatory reporters who are concerned that a child’s safety is not being addressed, and foster and adoptive families who are struggling to get services.

Filing a complaint with the CPO office

While the CPO cannot investigate claims of abuse or neglect, anyone who has concerns regarding Colorado’s child protection system can file a complaint with the CPO office. The office has a strict confidentiality policy and keeps the identities of people who file a complaint private. 

After a complaint is filed, the office contacts the person who filed the complaint within 48 working hours of receiving a message. The complaint is then researched - this may include a review of records that the CPO has access to that are otherwise not available to the public. Relevant agencies may also be contacted and the person who filed the complaint is contacted once the case is closed.

Following the research and investigation of concerns about service delivery within the child protection system, the CPO proposes solutions to address the concerns raised in the investigation process. Solutions might include addressing communication barriers or resolving conflicts based on misunderstanding. 

How does the CPO advocate for Colorado children and families?



The office identifies trends where the community’s needs have changed and the system hasn’t had the funding, resources or practices to keep up with it. As a result, they make public recommendations for system improvement.

The CPO convenes lawmakers, professionals and other stakeholders to advance legislation and policies.The CPO shares recommendations and guidance with the Colorado General Assembly regarding budgetary, regulatory and administrative changes, including systemic changes, to improve the safety of and promote better outcomes for children and families receiving child protection services in Colorado. Additionally, the CPO monitors legislation as it is introduced to evaluate its impact on the state’s child protection system.

Contact the CPO office

Coloradans have the right to contact the CPO office. File a complaint or get in touch with the CPO by calling 720-625-8640.


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