Adoption Rule revisions

October 9, 2020

Recent Adoption Rule revisions have been separated into three rule packets: Pre Adoption (7.306- 7.306.32), Adoption Assistance (7.306.4- 7.306.45), and Post Adoption Practice (7.306.511- 7.306.6). 

The first rule packet was passed by the state board on January 10, 2020 and covered pre-adoption rule activities.

The second rule packet, which covers post-adoption went into effect on September 30, 2020. This includes rules from (CCR) 7.306.511 through 7.306.6.

The Third Rule Packet is being worked currently in the Permanency Task Group that will cover Adoption Assistance. Teleconferences are scheduled in October 2020 to provide a presentation of adoption services rules of 7.306.511 through 7.306.6.

Please ensure that your county’s policy and practices align with these updates. If you have any questions regarding adoption practice in Colorado regarding these changes please email them to Michelle Lopez,

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